A Country Where the Swans Have a Bank Account, 2023
The project is based on a true story that happened in Landskrona in the 1920s. Due to a freezing winter, many swans were stranded in the Sound Strait. The Landskrona inhabitants helped clear a water surface near the city. They also provided food to the birds thanks to a fundraising campaign initiated by Gustaf Paulson. A particular bank account was opened for "the Landskrona Swans" in 1924.
The swans' story is the starting point of my project. I am eager to tell stories from the peripheries that catalyse multiple voices. I am interested in fiction and nonfiction storytelling. I want to focus on stories of resilience, solidarity, community, migration and memory. The project comprises archival images from various Swedish museums and my texts. Through writing, I draw fictitious connections between Landskrona and other places in Europe (and sometimes beyond).
The project was supported through a residency bursary '2023 Photography Grant - Landskrona Foto' awarded jointly by PhMuseum and Landskrona Foto Festival.